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  How does the eco-wand ComfoMeter help save energy?

The ComfoMeter measures the temperature and humidity around you. The eco-wand software advises on the most economic comfortable ideal temperature taking into account your clothing and the airflow around you. It shows how far from ideal you are and what steps you could take to save money and save energy without becoming uncomfortable.

The ComfoMeter help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint by showing you where you are relative to your Comfort Zone.

Only £29.99 + VAT

To see all the ComfoMeter features, download the Manual.pdf or download the Demonstration  and try it for yourself.

Waving a magic wand won’t shrink your utility bills but you can with the eco-wand ComfoMeter For professional eco-wand remote data collection application  CLICK HERE A new tool for Energy Saving

The video portrays an older version of the software and touch screen capability has been added

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